ICSC’s success as an organization is due largely to the commitment, energy and expertise of the members who serve
as ICSC Global Volunteer Leaders. No task is more important than the selection of members who are recognized as exceptional leaders, having significant knowledge of the industry and a willingness to make important and positive contributions to the future of the association.


On an annual basis, Regular Company Members are invited to submit names of candidates to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees. The Nominating Committee (a Standing Committee of the Board, consisting of four past ICSC Chairmen and three Regular Company Members appointed by the ICSC Chairman) reviews the qualifications of the submitted candidates and develops a slate of candidates. The Nominating Committee may also expand the list of candidates beyond the nominees submitted by members. The Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Board of Trustees is representative both geographically and by industry sector, reflecting the composition of the membership of ICSC. The Nominating Committee presents a single slate of candidates at the Annual Meeting, at which time the Regular Company Members may vote.

The process is managed through the ICSC President's office; further details can be found in the ICSC By-laws, Article IV, Section 7.


At the direction of ICSC’s Board of Trustees, a Division Nominating Committee is assembled for each of the five divisions to select a qualified and diverse slate of candidates.

Composition of the Division Nominating Committees

The Division Nominating Committee consists of the:
  • Division Vice President
  • Two State/Provincial Directors, or Past Directors appointed by the Division Vice President
  • Three Regular ICSC Members-At-Large, appointed by the Division Vice President
  • One Trustee or Past Trustee, appointed by ICSC’s Chairman

Role of the Division Nominating Committee

The Division Nominating Committees are tasked with researching and recommending nominees for Volunteer Leadership positions within their division who meet the criteria for consideration:

  • All candidates must be ICSC members in good standing, have the full support of their organization and have the time and interest to commit to the position
  • Candidates must be able to attend all State/Provincial and Division Committee meetings and the Leadership Orientation at RECon
  • Appointments to leadership positions are for a one year term effective each May
  • Officers in their third term can not be considered for re-appointment in the same position.

Once identified, the slate of nominees is presented to the Division Vice President for approval.  Once approved, the slate is then presented to ICSC’s Chairman for formal approval and appointment to the nominated positions.


ICSC State/Provincial Director
Stays in close communication with ICSC and Division Vice President regarding important trends and issues impacting the industry and the region. Convenes State/Provincial Leadership Committee regularly throughout the year. Appoints Program Planning Committee Chairs for local programs and Idea Exchanges.

ICSC Government Relations Committee Chair
Tracks legislative and regulatory issues for region and recommends next steps. Attends regulatory meetings.

ICSC Alliance Co-Chairs
Builds relationships between public and private sectors in order to form Partnerships that help the development process.  Representatives from the Public and Private Sector are selected.

ICSC Operations Chair
Represents the leasing, management, marketing and operations side of the industry and speaks to the education and professional certification of this industry sector. As such, this position should be filled only by a member holding an ICSC Professional Designation or having expertise in the management, marketing, leasing, development or operations side of the industry.

ICSC Retail Chair
Speaks on behalf of the Retail community, promotes retailer participation and calls attention to trends and issues important to this segment of the industry.  Position to be filled by a Retailer.

ICSC Next Generation Chair
Promotes growth and development of Next Generation Program.  Cultivates volunteers, new leadership, and member growth.  Candidates for this position should have 1-2 years experience planning Next Generations programs in the region.


The Regional Nominating Committee in Europe, consistent with ICSC bylaws, is tasked with identifying and selecting a qualified and diverse slate of candidates from the National Committees and Industry Professionals to serve on the European Advisory Board.

Guidelines for Composition of the European Nominating Committee:

  • Immediate European Advisory Board Past Chair (Committee Chairman) 
  • The European Advisory Board Chair
  • Two National Council or National Committee Chairs
  • Three Regular ICSC Members, appointed by the European Advisory Board Chair
  • One Trustee or Past Trustee, appointed by ICSC’s Worldwide Chairman.

Members of the Nominating Committee are appointed for a one-year term and are eligible to serve two additional terms, subject to reappointment.  Nominating Committee Members are not themselves permitted to be nominated for new leadership positions.

Role of the Nominating Committee

The European Nominating Committee is tasked with researching and recommending nominees for Volunteer Leadership positions who meet the criteria for consideration:

  • Appointments to leadership positions are for a one year term effective April
  • Board membership rotates, with appointments for 3 one-year terms, with the possibility of renewal for one additional 3-year term
  • Terms may be less where a member’s term with the National Council or ICSC Committee is shorter than terms outlined above.
  • Must be an ICSC member in good standing. Good standing is defined as an active, dues paid in full member employed by a Regular Member Company engaged in the ownership, development or management of a shopping centre, a retailer or a lending institution or Associate member Company, where appointed as an Industry Professional.
  • Must have the time and interest to commit to the position.
  • Has the consent and financial support of their organization
  • Candidates are expected to attend all European Advisory Board meetings and a Leadership Orientation.
  • Can attend relevant Committee and European Advisory Board meetings as well as programmes and conferences in the region.