Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a current member of ICSC to volunteer?
Yes.  Volunteering is a benefit of ICSC membership.  In order to participate on any committee you must be a member in good standing.

How long do I have to be a member in order to volunteer?
Anyone can volunteer regardless of the duration of membership as long as membership dues are up to date.

Do I still have to pay for meetings if I volunteer?
Yes.  As a volunteer you are willingly donating your time and expertise. Your registration fees help to support not only the programming in your area, but other resources available to you as an ICSC member.

Geographically am I limited to where I can volunteer?
If you are interested in participating on a regional program planning committee the answer is yes.  Our programs range from grass roots level to large regional conferences. ICSC relies on our volunteers to be in touch with the issues that are relevant to their specific region.  However, there are many other volunteer opportunities available that are not geographically restrictive.  Please refer to our Volunteer Opportunities page for a list of opportunities.

What is the process to become a leadership officer?
To be considered for a leadership role, it is recommended that you serve on a regional planning committee for a least one year so that you are able to learn the ins and outs of partnering with ICSC before becoming a leader and a mentor to others.  It is also important to become familiar with the programs and events in your area.  A nomination process is in place to appoint Leadership Volunteers.  Those nominated for leadership positions must be approved by the division nomination committee and ICSC’s Chairman.  Leadership terms are one year from May to May.

What is the process to become a trustee?
All trustee appointments are handled out of the Office of the President and the trustee nomination committee.  If interested, please contact the Office of the President at +1 646 728 3800.for details.

More questions? Contact or call + 1 646 728 3800 ext. 1.