What it means to be a volunteer

Whether you choose to volunteer to gain additional leadership opportunities, build your resume, increase exposure, or give back to the industry, ICSC relies on you to help support the retail real estate community and we are committed to providing you with a meaningful experience.

Whatever your interests and passions are; organizing conferences and meetings, advocacy or mentoring youth based on your experience in the real estate industry, there’s a place for you at ICSC.



Volunteer Leadership Webinars

To serve as a resource for our Volunteer Leaders, ICSC has created a series of short webinars focusing on the following topics: ICSC's As One Strategy, Volunteer Leadership Roles, Responsibilities and Chain of Command, Communications and World Class Meetings. In addition, overviews of ICSC's Office of Global Public Policy, ICSC PAC (Political Action Committee), P3 Retail (Public-Private Partnership), Retail Committee, Operations and Next Generation are also provided.